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Sharing Policies and Procedures Directly Through The Viewer
Sharing Policies and Procedures Directly Through The Viewer
Learn how to share a policy and/or procedure directly with a direct link to the Viewer.
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There may be instances when you want to share specific content within your PolicyCo platform. For example, when including a policy and/or procedure within a Learning Management System (LMS), a locked share link allows the user to focus on the content you wish to share, with minimal distractions. You may unlock the content to move more freely through the Viewer.

Sharing a Locked Link from the Viewer

From the Editor, navigate to the page in the Viewer you would like to share directly. Please reference Accessing The Viewer From the Editor. * Once you are in the Viewer on your preferred page:

  • Click the square logo in the upper right

  • Click Share Link

This will automatically copy a link to this page in the Viewer for you to share. This share link will direct the user to the linked paged.

Unlocking Locked Content in the Viewer

While the default of a shared link from the Viewer is in a locked mode, you have the freedom to navigate through policies and procedures accessible to your role by taking the additional step to unlock the content. From the shared link, within the Viewer:

  • Click the 'Click to exit locked content mode' button at the left hand side of the screen. You will now have access to navigate more freely through all content available for your role.

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