Organizations who signed up for PolicyCo prior to May 6, 2022, may have existing policies which they have published and set to an active status that need attention in order to be released for viewership.

To release a policy that was published prior to May 6, 2022 with no revisions

  • Navigate to Policy Settings

    • From Policies area (as pictured in gif below)

      • Click Policies from left menu

      • Click on the Policy you would like to release

      • Click on the three-dot hamburger menu from middle frame

      • Click Release from drop down menu

    • From Settings

      • Click Settings from left menu

      • Click Policies

      • Click on Policy you would like to release

      • Click Release Tab

  • Click to expand Release Candidate Settings
    Approved changes for policies published prior to May 6 will include any previously published articles.

  • Click Assign

  • Choose Manager or Board Approval

  • Enter in a Version Number

    This can be any Version number of your choice to start with. After the first version is set, the system will offer a minor version or major version moving forward. Example: If you set your first version to Version 2.0, the next time you release a version, the system will offer you 2.1 or 3.0. A free text version is only offered this first time.

  • Choose an Effective Date

    This can be set to a date in the past for this first release only, and only as far back as the date your most recent article in the policy was originally published (approved.)

  • Click Release Version Button
    Your policy has been released with all approved articles and considered effective per the date set and is now available in the Viewer interface and for downloads so long as the status is also Active.

To Release a Policy that was not published before May 6, 2022, please refer to this support article.

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