Single Sign On (SSO) and SCIM

Learn how to provision SSO and SCIM

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SCIM and SSO greatly reduce the burden of user provisioning. We recommend that you set up both. We directly support Azure, Okta and JumpCloud directly and can help walk you through other implementations if needed.

SCIM is an advanced method to ensure that users and groups stay in sync with your central directory. It is a real time provisioning system where changes to your local users and groups are pushed in real time to our platform. SCIM is not a two way sync. PolicyCo will only read from your provider. We do not push any updates to you. This means that you should consider Okta, Azure and JumpCloud as your definitive source of truth.

SSO is a way to allow users to login by checking their credentials agains your own internal systems.

You can access SSO from Settings: SSO in your instance of PolicyCo if you are an owner of the organization. We have tailored the setup instructions for Azure, Okta and JumpCloud below a select menu.


We recommend that you setup your departments in your PolicyCo instance to exactly match the spelling of the departments you have already set at your identity provider. Doing this before setting up the SCIM integration will ensure that:

  1. Departments are synced properly to your PolicyCo instance.

  2. Users are synced properly to each department.

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