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PolicyCo was born because a typical word processor doesn't have the features required to track authorship and evidence collection to a specific paragraph. Anyone who has written or revised policy can understand that the logistical hurdles to securing that content, versioning and promoting it are simply beyond the scope of the modern word processor.

Within PolicyCo, there are four key considerations to take in order to meet your compliance goals: Creating policies, procedures, mapping to applicable external controls, and collecting evidence to test your controls. The platform offers an online Editor and Viewer interface, as well as the ability to download policy documents.

Depending on your role within your organization, you may be use PolicyCo for different goals. Some users will be heavily involved in policy authoring and compliance management, while other users may simply use PolicyCo to read their policies and procedures with confidence there is a single source of truth.

This Guide is arranged in a hierarchy, but feel free to search for keywords to surface help articles.

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There is a lot to explore within the PolicyCo platform and our team is continually releasing new features. Your experience within PolicyCo will likely different from role to role within your organization. If you have any questions about how to get the most out of PolicyCo based on your specific role, do not hesitate to contact us for personalized guidance.

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