Users with the role Owner, Policy Manager and/or Department Manager have access to the user settings; however, only an Owner can invite or revoke access to the organization.

To Access Users

  • Click Settings from the left sidebar menu

  • Click Users

Active users have successfully logged on in the past. Pending users have not accepted their invitation.

Adding Users

Single Sign-On (SSO)

NOTE: All accounts can opt to use Single Sign On through any SAML2 compatible integration including Okta, JumpCloud or Azure.

You can add a user by allowing an entire domain and/or inviting individually. Regardless of method, new users will always default to a Viewer role.

Allowed Domains

This will allow any newly registered user with an email address associated with the whitelisted domain to access the organization as a Viewer upon registration. Any user that has previously registered for a PolicyCo account using an email with the allowed domain, will need to be invited individually. This helps prevent a user who may have been revoked from regaining access.

  • Click Settings from left sidebar menu

  • Click Users

  • Type in your Domain in the Allowed Domains text box and click Return/Enter key

To Invite an Individual User:

  • Click Settings from left sidebar menu

  • Click Users

  • Click + Icon

  • Add Name and Email Address

  • Click Invite

    This will send an invitation to the user's email address and place them in the Pending tab. Once they accept the invite and register their account, they will be moved to the Active tab.

Assigning Roles

Once a user has joined an organization in PolicyCo, it is important that their permissions are set in accordance with their job functions. For more on User Roles, click here.

Revoking User(s)

Revoking a user from your organization in PolicyCo will remove access to your platform. This will immediately revoke all user access.

To Revoke a User:

  • Click Settings from left sidebar menu

  • Click Users

  • Locate and click the user name you wish to revoke access to

  • Click Revoke Button

Note: if the user is a Department Manager, you must revoke their Department Manager assignment prior to being able to revoke access to the organization.

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