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Learn how to create procedures.
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We've built a robust and flexible system for managing procedures. Most organizations run on procedures. Ensuring they are accurate means that everyone in your organization knows how to perform their job functions. Procedures are built at the department level, optionally independent from organizational policy because there are many cases where mapping procedures to policy is not required. Our procedure structure introduces a relatively new concept that allows you to write specific procedures to one or more departments allowing more targeted, relevant content. If you plan to use this feature, and need to set up departments, read more here.

To Create a New Procedure

From the Procedures Area:

  • Click Procedures from the left sidebar

  • Click Add New Button

  • Choose a Department (requried)

  • Type in a Sequence (if applicable)

  • Type in a Title

  • Write Procedure within the editor

  • Once you create a Procedure, you may submit it for review to the department manager. This will remain in review until published by a Department Manager or Owner.

Understanding the Procedure / Department Relationship

Procedures are owned by only 1 department. Only the department manager(s) have the ability to publish draft/review procedures. In the screenshot below, you can see that this procedure is owned by the Account Executives department and is visible to the entire organization.

Visibility can be set to department, organization, or public as defined by the three icons at the top of the department picker.

Adding or Removing an Additional Author(s)

When you create a new procedure, you are the default author, but PolicyCo allows for multiple authors per procedure. To update authors:

  • Click the Author drop down menu from right corner of editor

  • Click on check box of the user you would like to make an author (to remove, uncheck)

Filter Procedures

From your procedures list, you can either use the search filter or filter each column. This is really helpful if you are only concerned with your department's procedures. In the screenshot below, see that we have filtered for Account Executives. Click the reset button to set the filter to show all values.

NOTE: The filter icon turns red if a filter is active for that column.

You can also search across all fields in the grid from the search input. This can be helpful for quickly narrowing down your procedures with a value that may be contained in any of the columns.

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