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Learn how to get the most from search.

Updated over a week ago

One of the most powerful features in PolicyCo is allowing you to search across all content. Using search effectively will help your team eliminate duplicate language, locate evidence and controls and even enhance procedure language.

Start by clicking on the search icon in the header. This will open a search window across the left side. By default, all filters are selected. In the example below, we have searched for the keyword "wireless systems admin" and have selected the Procedures filter.

Results are returned by relevance. This means that if a term occurs more frequently or has search terms on the phrase, your most likely results will be sorted to the top. In the example above, you can see that the top result is clearly the most relevant since it contains three of the works in the search. The second and third words contain close matches and might be interesting to you for the sake of comparison.

We've also found that searching by using the evidence filter is a great way to determine if you are gathering similar or duplicate evidence across your organization. If you find titles or descriptions of similar evidence gathering activities, work with your team to consolidate them.

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