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The PolicyCo Interfaces: The Editor and The Viewer
The PolicyCo Interfaces: The Editor and The Viewer
Learn the difference between the Editor and the Viewer.
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The PolicyCo platform has two distinct user interfaces: the Editor and the Viewer. If the user's role is set to Viewer only, then the user will automatically be directed to the Viewer interface at login. If the user's role is not exclusively set to Viewer, the user will be directed to the Editor interface at login, but can switch to the Viewer as needed.

The Editor

The Editor is the interface used to write, edit, and manage policies, procedures, attachments, frameworks / regulations, and evidence / control testing.

Only active users with the assigned role(s) of Owner, Policy Manager, Department Manager, Author, Billing, and/or Assignee can make role-specific changes within the Editor. An active user with assigned role of Viewer only can access the Editor; however will only be able to access Profile/Personal settings.

The Viewer

The Viewer is a non-editable view of policies and procedures only. Users with organization-wide Author and Owner roles as well as Policy Managers and Authors of individual polices may view policies within the Viewer. Any user with any role can view procedures within the Viewer.

Note: If you have 1Password browser extension, you may experience a slower performance while in the Viewer. Our team is working to improve the performance and will update this when performance has improved for users with this extension.

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