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Public vs Private Policies in the Viewer
Public vs Private Policies in the Viewer

Learn the difference between Public and Private Policies as it relates to the Viewer.

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Need to learn how to adjust the Public or Private status of a policy? Learn more about Policy Settings.

Active Private Policy

When a policy status is set to Active Private, you must be logged in to the PolicyCo platform in order to access within the Viewer. If you are logged out, a login screen will appear before presenting you with the applicable policies and/or procedures. The policy will be noted "For Internal Use Only" in the viewer and PDF download.

Active Public Policy

When a policy status is set to Active Public, anyone accessing the URL can view the applicable content. No Authentication is required.

Policy Classification

Policies can be modified to reflect various classifications. These are modified in the Organization Profile. The platform provides two default options: Internal Use Only, and Public. Your organization may also require another classification, such as Confidential. You may add a new classification and modify its description if needed.

To add a new classification, click Add New. You can then double-click in the Name column to customize the name of the policy classification and double-click in the Description column to customize the description of the classification.

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