Payment Method

Learn how to add or update payment information.

Updated over a week ago

Only users with the role assignment Owner or Billing are able to add or update payment methods. Platform subscription payments are processed with a Credit or Debit card. A payment method is securely entered in the Editor.

Adding a New Payment Method

To add your payment information, navigate to Settings: Payment Method in the left sidebar and click Add New under payment methods at the top of the screen. Enter your new payment method and click save.

If you have added a new payment method to replace an existing one, be sure to set the new payment method as primary. Once the new payment method is set as primary, you may delete the old payment method.

Updating a Saved Payment Method

You can update a previously saved payment method reference and expiration date. To update, select the payment method and update the expiration date and / or the reference. If you have a credit card with a different number, you will need to add a new payment method and set it as primary as described above.

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