Policy Sharing
Learn how to share policies with end users
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The PolicyCo platform lets you share policies with anyone whether they are registered users or not. Registered users can already authenticate with SSO or username and password, but our sharing feature also allows you to share with entire departments or even unregistered users.

Define a share

A share consists of:

  1. A group of policies

  2. A group of users or departments

  3. An optional expiration date

  4. Specifying is users are allowed to download policies or not.

To begin the process navigate to Home > Share and select Add New.

Next, select:

  1. The policies you wish to share.

  2. The users and groups you wish to give access to.

  3. A name for the share that makes sense to you.

  4. An optional expiration date.

  5. Whether the user is allowed to download or not.

  6. An optional message.

Once you click save, the users and groups selected will receive an email notifying them of the share. Registered users will be able to access the policies with their existing login. Unregistered users will receive a 1 time password code each time they connect to PolicyCo. This code can be entered to access their shares.

You may add and remove users and groups from an active share at any time. Newly added users and groups will be notified upon save.


As mentioned, expiration of a share is optional. You may change the expiration date at any time. If you'd like to expire the share immediately, click the Expire button and then Save. in order to keep a record of past share activity, we do not have a delete option. Simply expire the share to remove access.

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