Navigating within the Viewer

Learn how to navigate within the Viewer.

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Navigating within the Viewer

The Viewer allows you to navigate through all policies and procedures by department within the organization.

Important: Organizations must have assigned each user to a department, as well as determine the appropriate procedure visibility settings for procedures to be visible to the correct employees.

The Viewer allows navigation via the search option on the left, or by selecting Browse under Policies or Procedures to browse within each category.

Use the Search function on the left to quickly find keywords.

Viewing Policies

Use the Browse function under Policies to display all policies within your organization.

Controls Mapped to a Policy

If a policy article has a mapped control, the control name will appear under the Article text. To see more on the control, you may click the text to see a pop up with its details.

Procedures Associated with a Policy

If a procedure is linked to an article, you may click on the Procedure title within the article in the viewer to navigate directly to the procedure.

Viewing Procedures

Depending on your organization's settings, you can view the procedures of the department(s) of which you are a member, or all procedures within your organization. There are three ways procedure visibility can be configured - by department only, organization-wide, and publicly.

Click the browse button under Procedures to display the department(s) within your organization you have access to.

Select the department for the procedure you'd like to view, and the procedures for that department will be displayed in a list. Click through the list to view each procedure.

Additional Features

The dropdown menu displayed when the company logo in the upper right hand corner is clicked also provides options to Switch to Editor, Share Link, contact Support, or Logout.

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