PolicyCo Rich-Text Editors
Learn how to use the features when authoring the content of an article or procedure in the Editor
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When authoring an article or procedure, a rich-text editor will allow a user to customize the content in a variety of ways.

Rich-Text Editor for Articles

Rich-Text Editor for Procedures

In both the procedures and articles editors, the rich-text editor allows the user to:

  • Left-align, center, or right-align text

  • Create a numbered list

  • Create a multi-level numbered list

    • Important Note Regarding Multi-level Numbered Lists: : When creating a multi-level numbered list, the text editor will choose to repeat 1, 2, 3, etc... In the future, PolicyCo has plans to allow the user to choose their schema from the settings. It is recommended that the user leave multi-level list in the format that the editor creates automatically vs attempting to create their own with the space or tab keys.

  • Create a bulleted list

  • Create a multi-level bulleted list

  • Bold text

  • Italicize text

  • Underline text

  • Block code format
    Note: This is for reference only, the code does not point to anywhere or become active.

  • Create a table

    • Important Note Regarding Tables: Please be mindful when creating large tables. Tables with large amounts of content within a single cell may not fit onto one page when downloading as a.pdf or .docx document. When there is a lot of information within one cell, it is best practice to convert your table to a list, when possible to ensure all of your content is viewable when downloading documents.

  • Format a table (from the table icon)

    • Insert column before/after

    • Delete column

    • Insert row before/after

    • Delete row

    • Toggle header row

    • Toggle header column

    • Merge Cells

    • Split cell

    • Delete Table

      Note: Using the delete key will delete content inside the table. To delete the table, click the table icon and click Delete table

  • Insert Image
    Note: It is recommend that the user use the insert image icon to upload an image rather than copy and paste the image. There are times that copy and pasted images do not render correctly in the downloads, but inserting will resolve this issue, should it manifest.

  • Clear Formatting

  • Undo

  • Redo

  • Hyperlink text
    Note: This can be a hyperlink to an external resource or a PolicyCo link. Any URL can be used as a hyperlink.

  • Assign a sequence

  • Assign authors

  • Assign departments (procedures only)

  • Submit for Review

  • Cancel a review

  • Approve (articles only)

  • Publish (procedures only)

  • Edit / create a new draft

  • Delete a draft

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