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Learn how to write an article.
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Articles are the building blocks for your organization's policies. An article is a piece of a policy. An article will also automatically become part of the policy's table of contents, which PolicyCo builds for you.

Articles end with a non-zero (1.1). Sections end with a 0. (1.0)

To Create an Article

Open a policy and click the Add New button or choose New Article from the file menu.

NOTE: If you cannot click the Add New button, it is due to your role. The owner or manager may need to set you as an author or policy manager.

Enter a sequence

The sequence determines the order in which your article will appear. Your sequence must end with any number except 0 in order for it to be considered an article. If the sequence ends in a 0, it will be converted to a section.

Add a Title and Content

The article editor auto-saves content as you type.

Articles are written in draft mode. Users with a role of Author can submit the article for review whereas a Manager or Owner can approve and publish it immediately.

Article Formatting

We have not provided H1, H2 etc. options because these formats will be used for setting the styles for sections and articles, however, you can set Bold, Underline, Italic, numbered lists, unnumbered lists and code blocks (for the geeks out there). You also a number of options for setting styles and inserting images, tables, and code etc.

Code blocks

Code block formatting allows developers to display code in a way that other developers can easily digest and reproduce. It uses a monospaced font and displays line numbers.

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