Editor Features

Learn how to use the features when authoring the content of an article or procedure in the Editor

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When authoring an article or procedure, our editor works like Docs and Word. The editor contains the following features:

  1. Left, center or right align text

  2. Numbered lists

  3. Bulleted lists

  4. Bold

  5. Underline

  6. Italic

  7. Superscript

  8. Subscript

  9. Code blocks

  10. Tables

  11. Image insert

  12. Undo

  13. Redo

  14. Clear formatting

  15. Hyperlink

Other Controls

  1. Assign a sequence

  2. Assign authors

  3. Assign departments (procedures only)

  4. Submit for Review

  5. Cancel a review

  6. Approve

  7. Edit

  8. Discard

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